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David & Elias- Delray Sands Resort

Love Built to Last...

In honor of PRIDE month and Throwback Thursday: Let's look back to September 2019 before the pandemic when everyone was still allowed to gather in large to celebrate love in a BIG way!

David & Elias were one of the cutest, sweetest and most relaxed couples I’ve had the pleasure to work with. They did their wedding BIG by having TWO receptions and TWO wedding cakes!

They were surrounded by so many friends and family who stuck with them the entire day through their ceremony and first reception at St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church to their second reception at the beachfront Delray Sands Resort in Highland Beach.

They feasted on cake twice (the second being a chocolate lovers dream created by Two Fat Cookies), spent the evening close to the serenity of the ocean and even shared a piece of their day with a friend who was celebrating a birthday.

Their tall and elegant centerpieces were crafted by Boca by Design with gorgeous images captured by Tess Ann Photography.

DJ Ryan with Beauty & The Beat kept everyone up on their feet dancing, especially Elias who couldn‘t wait to get on the dance floor.

David & Elias are two souls meant for each other and I can say I’m better for having met them.

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