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Amber & Zachary- The Historic Maxwell Room

The Wedding that Started it All...

I find themed weddings to be incredibly fun and seriously underrated. Who says you can't bring your fandom into an elegant setting, such as the day you say "i do" to your best friend?

Zack and I share a love of Harry Potter like none other and we knew that Hogwarts with all its MAGIC needed to be a part of our special day. With a swish and a flick we created our dream wedding with all the magical details we couldn't live with out.

We sorted our guests into their respective houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Where are all my Slytherin's?

We assigned you to your class for the evening and provided you with your first wand. We asked for well wishes and advice to be left at the Owl Post. We dined under floating candles and toasted with "Felix Felicis".

We offered sweets from the trolley, which included chocolate frogs and offered a cake that embodied our love. So if you ask my husband today "After All This Time?" he will respond with a simple but powerful "ALWAYS"!

After planning my own wedding, a spark ignited in me with my love for events growing with each an every event I planned. I just knew I wanted to help create magical moments for others just like I had for us, our family and friends. Thus Magically Managed Events was created with a little bit of that Harry Potter spirit in mind.

Our Magical Wedding Day took place at The Historic Maxwell Room in Fort Lauderdale with all of our beautiful images captured by Scribbled Moments Photography.

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